Real-time rig-activity detection helps identify and minimize invisible lost time ///

Because invisible lost time represents about 30% of the time and cost of well delivery in most drilling operations, Automatic Rig-Activity Detection (ARAD) is a highly significant and exciting new enabler for driving drilling performance improvement. With NOC and IOC drilling budgets now running to billions of dollars, a deeper understanding of invisible lost time presents a historic cost-savings opportunity at a time of rapidly escalating operating costs. A recent Shell study demonstrates that the tools for doing this effectively are now becoming available. They include real-time rig activity detection, either used as a stand-alone technology or in combination with operations monitoring in the setting of a real-time operations center. Historically, well-drilling performance improvement initiatives have focused primarily on Non-Productive Time (NPT) caused by largely unforeseen events (e.g., tool failures, hole problems). With NPT estimates typically on the order of 15-25% of overall well-delivery time for such highly expensive projects as deepwater wells...

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