Drilling advances ///

How to drill a well. In the continuing quest to relate as much information to less-experienced oilfield hands as possible before the "crew change" we offer this literary nugget to driller wannabes everywhere, especially to our politicians. Many of them have decided that they can actually drill wells and produce their country's reserves without dealing with Big Oil. So, this is how a politician might go about drilling a well (in his/her own words): "First, get a lease—preferably one offshore where the reserves are higher. Offer a large bonus for the tract—it actually doesn't cost anything, since the government owns all the leases anyway. It's just a matter of moving money from one pocket to another. Granted, it is a net zero cash transaction, but who cares? Offer lots of money and it will raise the value of the offset tracts so we'll make it up in the future.

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