Two salt dome wells successfully drilled using casing while drilling ///

Recent conventional wells drilled around the Chacahoula Salt Dome field in South Louisiana have been drilled directionally from central pads to preserve wetlands. These wells often encounter borehole instability and lost circulation. Some take multiple sidetracks to reach the target, and others are abandoned before reaching target depth. Two wells were drilled with Casing While Drilling (CWD) technology in mid-2005 to depths similar to those of conventionally drilled offset wells. Both wells successfully reached the target formations. The second well delivered a 25% savings based on the average offset cost. The CWD wells used rotary steerable directional technology for deviation control through the steeply dipping beds. Operations conducted through the casing drillstring included a plugback and sidetrack and two fishing operations for failed downhole tools. These operations were performed without tripping the casing out, showing the versatility of CWD.

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