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GEODynamics Inc., Shell International E&P and QinetiQ plc have announced a new technology called ConneX Perforating. Shaped-charge perforating has been commonly employed since the early 1950s. This new technology employs an explosive cavity effect coupled with a metal liner to maximize penetration. Once the main explosive is detonated, the liner collapses to form a high-velocity jet of fluidized metal particles that are propelled outward. Perforation is achieved from impact of the initial portion of the jet traveling at about 30,000 ft/sec. An undesirable side effect of perforating is damage to the formation caused by the impact pressure, which propels steel, cement, rock and wellbore fluids into the surrounding formation. It also damages rock, pulverizing formation grains and leaving loose debris in the newly created tunnels, limiting well productivity and injectivity. With ConneX perforating technology, upon detonation, a secondary reaction is created within the perforation tunnel.

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