KOC turns a mutt into a thoroughbred ///

An old expression says, “It’s best to let sleeping dogs lie.” Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) could have walked away from its Sabriyah SA210 well and chalked it up to a bad investment, when it stopped flowing shortly after completion in 2004. Instead, the company tried a new technique to rejuvenate the failing well with good results. The SA210 was an open-hole completion, J-Type directional well. Kick-off point was at 6,264 ft (MD), and the well was landed at 8,376-ft MD (7,621-ft TVD), with a 1,337-ft stepout. A 7-in liner was run and cemented in place at an 8,162-ft MD (7,601-ft TVD). The 2,462-ft production section was drilled with a 6 1/8-in. bit to 10,838 ft (MD). Bottomhole pressure was about 3,093 psi, and temperature was 170°F. The target formation was the Mauddud Limestone, normally a prolific producer. It was therefore, puzzling to everyone when the SA210 failed to produce.

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