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Fast and more dependable than conventional gas sensors, laser-based analyzers from SpectraSensors facilitate optimization of gas production, eliminating maintenance, replacement and manpower costs. With offshore platforms pumping 1 MMcfgd-plus, the efficient receiving and distribution of onshore receiving facilities (ORF) depends on continuous and accurate moisture analyzer readings. Sensor dependability can have an impact on gas production volume, because if a sensor is inaccurate or out of service, the ORF will likely slow down the flow to a level where the moisture content was determined satisfactorily on a historical basis. Because of its design and sampling methodology, a laser-based moisture analyzer can be operated for years without maintenance. SpectraSensors utilizes ultra-precise “tunable diode” laser spectroscopy (TDLS), and performs measurements in a “sample cell.” Because they are not exposed to corrosive contaminants, the analyzers maximize dependability and minimize cost of ownership.

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