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Special Focus

Extreme drilling environment forces evolution of rotary steerable systems and bits

Record directional runs were made through difficult Wilcox sections, thanks to multiple changes made in bit design and BHA configuration.

Horizontal drilling with liner provides savings

Pemex saved 40 days and $5 million, drilling its largest inclination ever with DWL.

Many challenges seen in solving the manpower jigsaw puzzle

Panel discussion with F. Richard Frisbie, Dr. Stephen A. Holditch, Douglas C. Nester and Jon Glesinger

Rotary steerable systems in the Gulf of Mexico gain acceptance

Capturing over 75% of floating rigs, RSS is now standard practice for deepwater GOM wells.


Breaking the offshore LNG stalemate

Growing demand may push the solution of remaining technical obstacles to offshore liquefaction.

Electric generator that uses gas flow for energy source proves robust

Chevron used the generator offshore Cabinda and had no problems with wet, corrosive gas.

Independence Hub: Record after record after record . . .

A unique hub-and-spoke project in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico will allow five independent exploration companies to develop multiple discoveries that might not be economic on their own.

OTC Preview: OTC 2007 will offer solutions on transforming the industry

In addition to expanding the exhibition to Reliant Stadium, several new features have been instituted.

Peaking of world oil production: Recent forecasts

Inadequate investment over a prolonged period will make timing of a peak prediction moot.

Technology extends gas lift reach

Norwegian wells have been helped by the application of new technology to an old technique.

Testing offshore technology—onshore

RMOTC simulates the sea floor to test a hydraulic pumping system.

Troubleshooting produced water—methods and lessons learned

Part 2: A general troubleshooting methodology is derived from experience gained on an FPSO.

US must pursue a path of international energy engagement

ExxonMobil's chairman gives his views on US energy security, the role of international markets and the need for more engineering and scientific education.

Wellbore chemical inflow profiling at Shell's Cutter AB

Use of chemical paint on tracer material highlights areas of inflow along the wellbore.

What's new in artificial lift?

Part 1—The newest developments are profiled in five categories.

Why seismic sequence stratigraphy?

Detailed seis-strat interpretation helps engineers solve perplexing exploitation problems.

Special Report

BP offers graduates, new hires a complete “career" experience

Vol. 228 No. 4   INDUSTRY RECRUITMENT & RETENTION BP offers graduates, new hires a complete career “experience”

Enform tackles difficult technology and safety training issues


Based in Calgary and endorsed/supported by six major trade associations, Enform provides training and certification to E&P workers throughout Canada.

France: AUVs continue to improve and evolve in capability


Operators now have options, especially in deep water, for ROVs, AUVs and hybrids, whether for survey, inspection or intervention.

France: France's E&P director sees new hope for exploration

Interview with Sophie Galey-Leruste

France: Subsea slug catchers provide flexibility for deep water


Moving slug catchers to the seabed frees floating-facility space and weight, creating more topside processing options

Norway: Acoustic diagnostics improve condition, leakage


Acoustic diagnostic technology has been used for condition monitoring and leak detection in steadily more advanced offshore projects.

Norway: Minister remains pleased with Norwegian achievements

Interview with Odd Roger Enoksen

Norway: New tool improves through-tubing rotary drilling


A pump-out tool developed to eliminate the need to repeatedly connect the top drive to, and detach it from, the drillstring is yielding significant efficiency gains.

Norway: Workover control systems prove their merit offshore


A niche supplier focuses on field-testing and proving workover control systems in the North Sea and other regions.

Personnel shortages just don't solve themselves


The dean of collegiate petroleum engineering department heads in the US speaks his mind on the personnel issues facing the upstream industry, and offers timely advice and solutions.

Salaries take a pronounced jump higher


Results of the SPE and AAPG salary surveys show significant increases.

the Netherlands: Dutch companies will enjoy high activity

Interview with S. A. W. (Wim) Janse

the Netherlands: Supersonic separator gains market acceptance


High velocities make a unique separator and dewpointer.

United Kingdom: CO2 injection into North Sea fields will increase oil recovery


Substantial potential exists for improved oil recovery and CO2 sequestration using existing offshore facilities.

United Kingdom: Expandable liner hanger deployed


The hydraulically expanded design was successfully set in a challenging directional CWD well in the North Sea.

United Kingdom: Officials will do all they can to encourage UK E&P

Interview with Lord Truscott

United Kingdom: Reliable deepwater positioning reduces vessel time and acoustic interference


Industry’s move to deeper field development creates new demand for acoustic controls.


Drilling advances

Several new gizmos improve offshore work

Editorial comment

History lessons

Oil and gas in the capitals

Statoil plus Hydro equals Norwegian mega-merger

What's new in exploration

Barnett Shale wells are not always profitable

What's new in production

Subsea processing progresses slowly

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