A new approach optimizes continuous gas lift system ///

A simulation with a compositional model, combined with a new optimization algorithm, improved the accuracy of predicting gas-lift performance when compared to a black-oil model. The injection gas source for Aghajari oilfield gas-lift system is supplied from Marun oilfield gas compressor station. Marun's gas is drier and has lower molecular weight than the Aghajari's ultimate tank gas, and it will result in inconsistencies for black-oil models. The black-oil method is fast, but not very accurate when compositional differences must be taken into account. The compositional modeling employs the Peng Robinson Equation of State for rigorous thermodynamical and physical properties evaluation. From actual pressure and temperature surveys and simulation results, gas-lift performance curves were constructed for an Aghajari field well in different separator pressures. When gas lift is planned, it is even more important from a production standpoint that the separator be operated at the lowest practical pressure.

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