Deepwater Technology: Taking the fast track: Streamlining major deepwater projects ///

There has been, and perhaps always will be, a desire on the part of deepwater field operators to accelerate production from these developments. Fast-track projects have been successfully executed in the oil and gas industry for decades. In defining fast-track, the term refers to a project that can normally be completed and yield first production ahead of a conventionally executed project of similar size and scope. Often, schedule savings will be one to two years. Is there a way to complete major deepwater projects faster, yet with less risk? Can this method help complete more projects in the same amount of time and with the same resources allotted conventionally? This discussion about fast-tracking will answer these questions by noting advantages, disadvantages, ideal candidates and ingredients needed for executing successful projects. Ideas shared in this article are based on lessons learned from undertaking numerous fast-track projects, including four recent Gulf of Mexico deepwater developments...

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