Multilaterals and intelligent well systems applied to a mature field ///

Over the past decade there have been highly publicized successes of both Multilaterals (ML) and Intelligent Well Systems (IWS). Most applications show the technology’s value in offshore, deepwater or subsea environments. However, a large percentage of the world’s oil comes from mature fields. So, the question becomes: How does this technology benefit heavy oil provinces, mature fields or land wells? Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) successfully applied ML and IWS. The following case history combines these two technologies. FIELD DESCRIPTION Mukhaizna field, discovered in 1975, is the third largest oil field in south Oman. It contains heavy, viscous oil of 14–16° API. The Upper Gharif 2 (UG2) and the deeper Middle Gharif (MG) are the two oil-bearing reservoirs and are formed from unconsolidated, laterally continuous, Permian age sands. They share a common oil water contact and the Khuff formation’s red clay and tight carbonates act as a cap rock.

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