Rig floor equipment: Casing drive system assures casing runs to bottom ///

Tesco’s Casing Drive System (CDS), originally developed with casing drilling in mind, offers numerous advantages to any casing-running operation. The system mechanizes casing handling and has proven to be a safe and reliable, integrated, drive-tool solution. It extends top drive benefits to the well construction process by improving safety and operational performance. The system reduces risk to personnel and equipment by keeping people out of danger. Its primary components include the integrated drive tool and safer pipe-handling technology. Tesco’s proprietary Link Tilt system allows pipe to be picked up at the V-door and conveyed to well-center in preparation for assembly – no stabber position is necessary. The driller uses a remotely-operated, single-joint elevator for pipe engagement. This keeps rig floor personnel away from traditionally hazardous operations. Operating personnel can focus on their tasks with fewer distractions and complex pipe stabbing and manipulating systems are no longer needed.

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