Issue: September 2005

Special Focus

Operators' choices for 4C seafloor acquisition are growing

Advances with autonomous nodes and OBC systems are adding to the choices that operators have for acquiring multicomponent data.

Pushing toward the low frequencies

Broadband is essential for improved resolution, but old habits may prevent operators from taking advantage of new technology and methods that can overcome limits previously viewed as fundamental.

Solution for seismic source registration

Statoil’s idea overcomes the source deviation problem with 4D.

Global activity blossoms as demand climbs

Add in political nervousness plus the ensuing high prices, and the result is near-peak drilling activity. This is reflected in our annual compilation of global drilling, production and reserves data.

GOM Deep Shelf activity drills to Miocene targets

Ultradeep Shelf estimates compare favorably with other world plays.

Instrumented overpressure protection cuts costs, eliminates discharges

An instrumented overpressure protection system offers significant cost savings.

Preventing differential sticking and mud losses when drilling

Field tests and lab work indicate mud losses in highly depleted sands can be reduced with a new formation sealing product.

Scale control in deepwater fields

Use an interdisciplinary approach to control scale.
Special Report

2005 Drill Bit Classifier Tables

Annual comprehensive listing of major manufacturers’ commercial bits. Divided into six formation types, from soft/sticky to extremely hard; tables show name, IADC code, size and performance of each firm’s offerings

Drilling advances

Oilfield jargon: The lingo used by drillers

Editorial Comment

Nuclear energy: Some new, clear improvements bode well for the future.

International Politics

Norway at $65: The effects of high oil prices

What's new in production

New processes devised for handling heavy oil; No-perf wells

What's new in exploration

Hyper-sensitive acoustic sensors; New geo-dating technique; SAFOD drills the San Andreas
News & Resources

Companies in the news

Industry at a glance

New products

People in industry

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Industry At A Glance

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