Petroleum Technology Digest: Ejector vapor recovery unit reliably and economically recovers vent and flash gas ///

Burlington Resources Inc. installed a proprietary technology called an Ejector Vapor Recovery Unit (EVRU), manufactured and installed by COMM Engineering, USA, in their Reddell field located in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana. Using ultrasonic flow meters, COMM determined the loss to be 45 Mcfd of rich (2,475 Btu/Mcf) vent gas under normal operating conditions. Analysis determined the chemical makeup of vent gas. Prior to installation, the estimated daily revenue from capture of the high-Btu gas was expected to be about $557 per day, which would pay out the $126,862 installed cost in less than eight months. Within a few weeks following the installation of the ejector, additional oil completions were placed on production from in-field wells, increasing the 45 Mcfd flash and vent gas volume to 83 Mcfd. This increase in gas volume reduced payout to about four months. With no moving parts, maintenance costs are virtually nonexistent. Burlington Resources has requested bids for installations at several additional production sites.

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