Uses for corrosion-resistant carbon-composite line pipe ///

Operators must continuously seek new ways to reduce costs and risks, and improve safety and operating efficiencies. Conventional thinking and products are not always the best solution. Corrosion-resistant jointed pipe has been widely used for decades in various product configurations such as coated steel, wrapped steel, lined steel, fiberglass, plastic, CRA's, etc. Joints not only increase installation costs and reduce operating efficiencies, but they also increase long-term risks and man-hours, therefore reducing safety. A new alternative is Spoolable Carbon Composite (SCC). SCC has been used successfully in many line-pipe applications since 1999. These applications primarily include crude and gas production lines, injection lines and supercritical CO 2 injection. Several techniques have been used to install SCC. These include conventional trench and backfill, inserting/ relining steel (pulling with a wire line), plowing, or lying above ground.

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