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Russia, Yukos and elections: There is no business like the oil business. The Yukos case has become the very symbol of changes that Russia will experience in forthcoming months. When Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the flamboyant, charismatic Yukos director/owner was arrested in his personal jet plane and thrown into the Moscow Matroskaya Tyshina jail, it was obvious that some kind of sea change was happening. Some days later, the presidential administration head, Alexander Voloshin, quit in a public move of disapproval, taking with him dozens of collaborators leftover from former President Boris Yeltsin's era. Then, there were no doubts that the Yukos case was much more than just a tax evasion and money laundering issue. It was an important break with Yeltsin's era, a major turning point in post-Soviet Russia's short, but lively history.

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