Well control during well intervention ///

For most well intervention services performed through coiled tubing (CT), fluid pumping operations are an essential feature of the prescribed service. In these types of operations, the fundamental principles of well control must be employed throughout the entire well intervention program to ensure that the prescribed pressure balance is maintained for the desired result. Prudent preparation of any CT-conveyed pumping operation requires that an analysis be performed to predict the behavior of the fluids pumped through the CT and within the wellbore annuli. Where surface pressure is expected to be present during the CT operation, a pumped kill fluid solution should also be prepared in the event that well control measures, in addition to CT well control stack operations, are required. To properly assess the behavior of fluids pumped through CT, care must be taken to obtain all pertinent information for wellbore construction and service equipment components. Further, assessments performed prior to and during the intervention program enhance design confidence when implementing the prescribed well control measures. The following discussion reviews the hydraulic performance and design issues considered for preparing and conducting CT-conveyed well intervention and well control operations.

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