June 1999

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Figure 1

Fig. 1. The system is an integrated solution from five contributing companies incorporating a tape robot, hierarchical system management (HSM) software and seismic data management system (SDMS) software. In addition, a Sun E4500 with a 150 GB RAID disk array was incorporated into the system as a staging server.

Panther Software Corp.’s SDMS software application provided the unification of individual system components. SDMS integrated all aspects of seismic data management, including initial data preparation and quality control, data loading to application formats, centralized metadata cataloging and project management functions.

All forms of seismic data managed by SDMS are referenced in the database by unique spatial location, with detailed information on data types, project location and data attributes available for each of the individual versions of an original dataset existing on the system. Database information can be accessed and queried via the map front end with a point-and-click selection process for direct loading of SEG-Y trace files into interpretation applications. SDMS also enables integration of detailed seismic information through access to other data types via tools such as OpenExplorer.

Large Storage Configuration Inc.’s SAM-FS software product is an HSM tool which proactively manages online / nearline storage according to user-established flexible business rules. In addition to providing complete copies of all online file systems, the system releases online disk space as disk utilization approaches a user-designated, high-water mark.

Files released from online disk storage are quickly retrieved from nearline tape storage via a user-controlled GUI. Business rules are programmed such that all related project files are both released from the online disk system together and restored from nearline storage when called.

Sony Electronics Inc.’s PetaSite tape robot is a scaleable data storage system providing up to 2,000 TB storage capacity on industry-standard DTF tapes utilizing multiple, modular tape drives. Conoco chose an initial configuration of 5.4 TB, combined with its existing 2.2 TB of online storage, to address current and future scalability needs. The robot incorporates high-capacity tape technology (42 GB per tape) with high-speed data-streaming capability (11 MB/sec) designed to accommodate the unique demands of seismic data management.

The robot is expandable via tape and tape drive modules that are easily attached to the existing system. The next version of DTF tape technology will increase individual tape capacity to 200 GB and data-stream rate to 24 MB/sec. All upgrades in drive technology will be backward-compatible to protect customer investment.

Ovation Data Services, Inc. provided system integration expertise to ensure that combined software / hardware components functioned as a single system. The collective system was configured / tested at a data-service facility prior to delivery. Specialized customization required for integration with customer environments, such as Conoco’s Auspex disk servers, was performed during this process to simplify client implementation.

Sun Microsystems Inc.’s server technology provided the computing platform base for the system. SDMS application and SAM-FS software were both developed for Sun’s Solaris environment. Servers of all sizes were available for integration with the system according to client requirements. Appropriate server selection was defined during the initial system design and configuration process to ensure optimal system performance. In this case, the client required a Sun E4500 with a 150 GB RAID disk array, incorporated into the system as a staging server.


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