November 1998 ///

Special Focus

Completion/stimulation practices in Cotton Valley gas wells

A study of earlier ineffective fracture treatments led to new guidelines for designing completions and recommendations for horizontal drilling alternatives

Downhole gas separation and injection powered by a downhole turbo expander

Two types of downhole machines will prevent production of excess gas to an oil production facility. Applications for various reservoir types are described

Gulf of Mexico frac-and-pack treatments using a new fracturing fluid system

Low-gel borate fluid/ breaker system for 170° to 200°F applications provided better fracture conductivity in several offshore field tests

Pump-off control improves Hugoton field gas-well dewatering efficiency

To maximize gas recovery, relatively simple pumping unit controllers keep saltwater off the formation and provide early warning of equipment problems

Using 4-D seismic to monitor and improve steamflood efficiency

Time-lapse 3-D seismic was tested in a pilot project, then applied full-scale to portions of a huge field to boost oil recovery and better utilize steam energy


Development of composite-armored flex risers for deep water

Lightweight, carbon fiber, thermoplastic, composite strip substitutes for steel armor, offering reduced pipe weight and minimizing structure and pipe stress

Harding field: A North Sea success story

Part 7-Employing CRINE methods, team members kept incremental costs down while adding upgrades and enhancements that boosted crude output

Rotary liner drilling for depleted reservoirs

Part 1-Field and lab tests were run on several types of liner drilling shoes in preparation for actual field applications in the North Sea

UK affected by market, regulatory uncertainties

The British government has opted not to change the UKCS tax structure during the current period of low oil prices, but other concerns remain

Special Report

Acidizing products and additives

Useful reference table covers nine pumping companies and product suppliers, listing tradenames for 28 categories of acidizing products and additives, plus generic names and descriptions of product composition and function


New equipment

New literature



Saudi appears to flip-flop on foreign participation; Ozoners of the month

Editorial Comment

Protesters and terrorists have been active; Bangkok room service


Venezuelan policies hinge on election; Neutral Zone discovery struck

Oil and gas in Washington

Upstream initiatives suffer while congressional members go campaigning

What's happening in drilling

High temperature drilling motor announced; multilaterals from a floater

What's happening in exploration

Geophysical convention was upbeat despite current business climate

What's happening in production

Two views on the gas market outlook-good and bad; Shell to start CO2 flood

What's happening offshore

Deepwater activity looks to be strong; interest high in Newfoundland bidding

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