January 1998 ///

Special Focus

An integrated approach to improve oilfield productivity

How a successful integrated reservoir study over a producing field provided an accurate 3-D geologic reservoir model and development plan

Coiled tubing technology continues its rapid growth

A review of forces driving this technology after a slow start nearly 40 years ago, and exciting new applications that are being developed

New reserves definitions approved by SPE and WPC

Two worldwide organizations have collaborated in rewriting industry's definitions for oil and gas reserves to recognize new methods

Next generation reservoir optimization

Example application of optimization technology combined with integrated reservoir/ surface flow simulation to develop optimal depletion stragegy


LUKoil's Alekperov expands firm's horizon beyond Russia

President Vagit Alekperov talks to International Editor Kurt Abraham about operating philosophy, the company's performance and future plans

Riserless drilling project develops critical new technology

A major industry JIP to develop a workable marine riserless drilling system to solve problems in ultra-deep water is now into Phase II

Special Report

Tubing Reference Tables

Updated information from 25 companies for pipe sizes to 5-in. OD gives useful data on premium connection dimensions, proprietary configurations, steel grades and minimum joint tension strengths


New equipment

New literature


Editorial Comment

Banning bad stuff to protect the public; Ozone Gore's trip to Japan


Namibia sweetens terms for third round; Exxon's Orinoco involvement

Oil and gas in Washington

Action on Endangered Species Act; Positive outlook for oil services

What's happening in drilling

Short-term pressures on oil prices; Strong demand for people, tools

What's happening in exploration

Glomar Explorer, its interesting evolution from spy ship to drillship

What's happening in production

Fracing with liquid CO2; Industry spending last year up 12% from 1996

What's happening offshore

Preparing for the new Euro currency; Big acquisition move for Sonat

News & Resources

Companies in the news

Industry at a glance

U.S. rig count holding above 980; World offshore rigs 96% utilized

Looking ahead

ARCO developments in Alaska; U.S. energy use increase seen by EIA

Oil country hot line

OPEC raises production ceiling; Royalty owners want U.S. energy policy

People in industry