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2019 World Oil Award Nominations

World Oil and Gulf Energy Information are pleased to present the 2019 World Oil Awards. For 18 years, these prestigious awards have honored the upstream energy industry's leading innovators and innovations. 

This year, we are asking that each company limit the number of submissions in each category. Companies are urged to coordinate their submissions so only the top technologies, services and people are nominated. If more than three nominations per category are submitted by a single company, excess nominations will be removed prior to the judging process at the discretion of World Oil. Submissions that do not contain any technology description or technology impact, submissions not related to the upstream oil and gas segment or frivolous submissions will not be allowed into the judging process.

  • This year, we are using an online submission form. Submit your nomination here.  
  • For the Lifetime Achievement and Innovative Thinker awards, nominations must be submitted by a company, organization or colleague. Self-nominated submissions will not be accepted.
  • Supplemental information includes items such as brochures, press releases, case histories and technical papers that show product commercialization and success in the field. Do not submit duplicate material already entered on the submission form. Do not submit large technical or operational manuals.     
  • Nominations—technical or individual—submitted in consecutive years will not be allowed into the judging process.