Garlock enters wireless communications industry with WavePro®

August 09, 2022

Garlock has announced the launch of WavePro®, a new made-to-order, low-loss dielectric material for antennas. The news comes after an overwhelmingly positive response to the official release of WavePro® in June at the International Microwave Symposium in Denver, Colorado. Garlock is a division of EnPro Industries, Inc., a leading industrial technology company offering critical applications in secular growth markets. 

“Thanks to our innovative research, development and manufacturing processes, WavePro® is customizable to suit numerous customer applications while maintaining critical dielectric and structural properties”, said Jim Drago, Principal Applications Engineer for Garlock. ”WavePro® reduces cost and complexity by removing the need for any etching, machining, or molding steps during the manufacturing process. The result is a high-performing solution that will offer customers reliability in the most extreme environments.  At Garlock, we do not compromise product quality in any way.” 

WavePro® is engineered for use in wireless antennas and components such as phase shifters and couplers for RF/millimeter wave applications. Its precise formulation provides a low-loss factor, superior mechanical and thermal stability, and a smooth surface profile. This enables RF designers using WavePro® in their manufacturing and design processes to achieve smaller and lighter antenna designs with increased bandwidth.

“As experts in polymer engineering, Garlock is constantly exploring new applications to leverage our time-tested product development and process expertise”, said Sherwin Damdar, Director of Product Management & Innovation for Garlock. “Customers rely on our capabilities in engineering materials and developing innovative processing techniques that bring lasting solutions across sectors. WavePro® is our answer to a specific need that we have identified within the wireless communications industry.”

Garlock, known as an industry leader for designing and manufacturing high-performance, American-made sealing solutions across markets, will lean on the strength of its domestic supply chain and advanced materials capabilities to produce WavePro® components for its customers once the products are officially for sale. Prospective customers can now request samples to see how WavePro can positively impact their design processes. 

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