Gary Hargraves named President and COO of MicroSeismic

August 29, 2022

MicroSeismic, Inc. announced today that Gary Hargraves has been named President and COO. Founder of the company, Peter M. Duncan, Ph.D. will continue with MicroSeismic as CEO.

Dr. Duncan will largely be directing his efforts toward the advancement of MicroSeismic’s new services: KarstAlert® (Sinkhole Monitoring) and CO2SeQure™ (CCS Monitoring). He will continue to participate in the development of new technology and the promotion of the economic and environmental benefits of MSI’s offerings.

Dr. Duncan stated, “I am very excited to welcome Gary to MicroSeismic! Over the last 20 years I have seen the industry and our business change and change again. The current environment offers many new and exciting opportunities for the application of MicroSeismic technologies we have grown and brought into practice. Gary brings the perfect mix of talent and experience to lead us into this new age and these new markets.”

Mr. Hargraves brings more than 20 years of digital services experience working for global companies in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Airline, and Retail industries. During Gary’s career, he successfully led teams and projects across a diverse portfolio including business development, mergers and acquisitions, digital strategy, and data solutions.

Upon the announcement, Mr. Hargraves commented, “It is such an honor to join MicroSeismic, a company that for almost 20 years has used industry leading passive seismic technology to protect the investments their clients have made in unconventional resources. I’m joining at the absolute right time to help MicroSeismic modernize their core business offering while taking the same proven technology and expertise into environmental (ESG) applications as we forge into the sinkhole and carbon sequestration markets. I look forward to contributing as MicroSeismic continues its growth as a world leading data and IOT company with a continued focus on protecting our clients’ investments, the integrity of their operations, and helping ensure environmental compliance and hazard mitigation.”

Prior to MicroSeismic, Mr. Hargraves was at Capgemini where he helped develop ESG & Carbon tracking data solutions used to monitor the hydrocarbon value chain. During his time at Wipro, Mr. Hargraves helped start and grow their digital Oil & Gas and Mining business into a global line of business unique in the industry. His time at IBM was spent helping define the early Blockchain and IOT solutions that have become foundational in the Oil & Gas industry. In the first half of his career Mr. Hargraves was fortunate enough to participate in one of the largest retail digital transformations for a global c-store. He also consulted on two of the airline industry’s largest mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Hargraves completed his BA in Information and Operations Management studies at Texas A&M University while also serving in the United States Marine Corp Reserves.

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