Hydro Drilling, Nabors to deploy hydrocarbon production technologies and services in Europe and Africa


Hydro Drilling Global, Inc. (HD), an affiliate of Hydro Drilling S.r.l., announced the signing of a distribution agreement with Nabors Drilling International Limited (NDIL), an affiliate of Nabors Industries Ltd. to market and deploy Nabors’ technologies and services in Europe and Africa.

The alliance comes as companies throughout the region are seeking effective solutions to meet the rapidly growing demand for safe, efficient, and responsible hydrocarbon production.

HD has identified multiple opportunities for Nabors’ technology and services to lower well costs, emissions, and fuel consumption. For example, HD sees immediate opportunities to deploy the RigCLOUD® data and analytics platform, delivering real-time drilling performance, key performance indicators (KPIs), and other powerful analytics to optimize and drive continuous improvement. Amid soaring diesel prices and prevailing sustainability initiatives, HD is also excited to offer the nanO2® fuel enhancer and the SmartPOWER advisory and automated engine management solution to optimize engine performance, reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

HD and NDIL will also evaluate opportunities in Europe and Africa to utilize other transformational technologies such as Nabors’ drilling process automation suite including SmartROS, SmartDRILL, SmartNAV, SmartSLIDE, and SmartPLAN. Other opportunities include Nabors integrated drilling support services such as automated casing and tubing running enabled by the Casing Drive System, and automated managed pressure drilling enabled by MPD-Ready® EXPRESS.

HD will leverage its 45-year Europe and Africa foothold and operating knowledge, in combination with technology and technical support from Nabors, to deliver these solutions for the benefit of its customers and their drilling performance and sustainability initiatives.

“We are pleased to align with Nabors, to provide a creative solution that allows European and African energy companies to meet their increased drilling performance and emissions reduction objectives to deliver optimal production cost and energy efficiency,” said Ryan Alvey, Managing Director of HD. “The combination of HD’s regional knowledge and operational expertise with Nabors’ best-in-class technologies, yields a unique and differentiated value proposition for our customers in the region.”

Miguel Sanchez, Vice President of International Operations with Nabors, said, “We are excited to team up with HD to expand the customer base that can benefit from Nabors’ market-leading drilling performance and energy efficiency solutions.  We believe our model of partnering with strong regional drilling contractors and service companies to jointly deploy technology delivers a unique option for our customers as they continually seek to improve their energy and well cost efficiencies, especially in the face of increasing service and energy costs.”

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