GEODynamics introduces EVOLV composite frac plug with quick connect technology

February 02, 2022

GEODynamics, a global technology and manufacturing leader in perforating, downhole completion, intervention, and wireline conveyed solutions, introduced today its new EVOLV® Composite Frac Plug with Quick Connect Technology. The new EVOLV® plug eliminates many horizontal completions challenges and has been shown to allow wireline firms to improve time savings at the wellsite by 95 percent, 15 seconds compared to 300 seconds with conventional plugs, enabling operators to realize greater efficiencies in the oilfield.

The new EVOLV® plug eliminates performance variables by employing a novel shear ring design that eliminates screws, which conventional plugs rely upon. The unique, patent-pending ring design reliably and accurately clicks into place every time in just 15 seconds, compared to the typical three-to-five-minute makeup time when using screws. With an average 58 stages per well, the time and labor savings obtained with the new EVOLV® plug are significant. Additionally, the proprietary ring design ensures operators achieve full setting force which eliminates potential leak paths, erosion and pressure loss.

The new, fully molded composite EVOLV® plug reduces material volume by 17 percent and is 3.5 inches shorter than its predecessor to decrease mill-out and drilling times for reduced rig time. The average milling time for the new EVOLV® plug is approximately three-to-six minutes per plug. Additionally, the shorter length and composite material lowers the amount of plug debris. Unlike conventional plugs, the new EVOLV® plug ensures a cleaner well, free of metal fragments.

Rated for 10,000 psi and 300° F, the new EVOLV® Composite Frac Plug with Quick Connect Technology is paired with a FracTrap™ ball conveyance and retrieval system to provide unbeatable benefits. FracTrap™ technology enables operators to confidently run ball in place.

“The innovative ring design of the new EVOLV® plug saves operators and wireline firms substantial time and potential risk with an easier, more reliable plug assembly,” said Santo Petitto, Sales Manager, Completion and Perforating Tools. “Operators can continue to rely on the consistency of our EVOLV® plug and leverage a more reliable shearing mechanism. Combined with FracTrap™, this system provides true differentiators to support optimal plug and perf operations.”   

The EVOLV® Composite Frac Plug with Quick Connect Technology will be showcased during GEODynamics’ participation in the SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference (HFTC) 2022 in The Woodlands, Texas February 1-3.  Throughout the conference, GEODynamics will demonstrate its innovations to improve efficiency for horizontal completions at Booth 215.

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