VIKING boat and davit solutions meet BW Offshore requirements for large FPSO bound for Australia

September 15, 2021

FPSO owner and operator BW Offshore has selected VIKING Norsafe Free-fall Lifeboats, Daughter Craft and Davits for a large FPSO project which will operate off northern Australia.

Primary means of evacuation will be three VIKING Norsafe GES-50 Mk. III Free-fall Lifeboats - each able to carry 70 people - with secondary launch and recovery achieved by corresponding HD-50 Davits.

Also part of the package is a VIKING Norsafe Munin-1000 Daughter Craft with capacity for 21 persons and a PLR-12005 Davit for launch and recovery. With a SOLAS crew of three persons, the Munin-1000 boat can recover 18 survivors from the water and is fitted with twin 300hp engines and waterjets – giving the power and maneuverability to fulfil its Search and Rescue role.

The latest order continues the long-established relationship between VIKING and BW Offshore, spanning multiple projects, and seals a deal that involved nearly two years of discussion of safety requirements. Fully compliant with SOLAS and DNVGL-ST-E406, the free-fall system is verified by ALARP process (as low as reasonably practicable) for operation in Australian waters. 

“BW Offshore is a long-standing client which demands best in class safety solutions. The FPSO will be a state-of-the-art facility and there has been great effort by both parties to identify the equipment specification,” said Joe Dawes, Senior Sales Manager, VIKING Life-Saving Equipment.

VIKING has delivered well over a hundred units of the VIKING Norsafe GES-50 lifeboat. The free-fall lifeboat has been installed at 22 locations in Australian waters in recent years, effectively shutting out the competition. While original design attributes play a big part in its ongoing success, Dawes explained that continual product development remains pivotal. This specific free-fall boat installation will feature a shortened launch ramp which saves space and weight. 

“The GES-50 is the most widely delivered craft in the market, built to the DNVGL-ST-E406 Performance Standard, which defines site- and host-specific installation of free-fall lifeboats and their launching appliances,” said Dawes. “Proven technology and willingness to adapt to customer needs are the basis for that record.”

VIKING’s capabilities in information exchange during the tender process had also helped in securing the order, Dawes said. “I think the investments VIKING makes in product presentation help us operate on an equal footing with our corporate clients and meet their expectations on specifications, management and support of the safety equipment they will rely on in critical  situations.”  

VIKING will supply pre-tested boats and fully assembled davits for plug and play installation to reduce site activities subsequent to delivery. After the FPSO goes onstream, the VIKING team in Perth, Australia will provide complete back-up and maintenance support for the boats and davits.



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