NOV Orange Crush frac pump valve offers prolonged life of valve and seat, prevents scheduled maintenance slowdown


HOUSTON –Service companies rely on pre-established valve and seat maintenance schedules, which account for a considerable part of a fracturing operation’s costs. NOV’s new Orange Crush frac pump valve gives users the confidence to lengthen these maintenance intervals, resulting in a positive effect on a business’s bottom line.  

The Orange Crush valve employs an optimized insert geometry paired with a field-proven polyurethane material designed to prolong both the valve and seat life. This revolutionary geometry decreases the material’s strain as it compresses during operation. Its features and benefits include an increased wing guide diameter that improves alignment, and a high-strength steel unibody construction that provides consistent performance and longer life. It is available in P4 and P5 sizes.

There is a direct correlation between valve life and seat life. As the valve begins to wear, the impact force causes the seat’s strike face to wear. As this wear depth increases, it exponentially decreases the life of the valve. Measuring the wear on the seat can be used as an indicator for how well the urethane cushions the impact. Less impact force is indicated by less seat-wear depth. Field testing has proven that seats paired with the Orange Crush valves saw 60% reduced seat wear versus conventional geometry valves.

“Don’t let scheduled maintenance cycles slow you down,” said Kevin DeLaat, Corporate Sales Manager for MISSION completions products. “With its optimized insert geometry and abrasion-resistant polyurethane material, NOV’s Orange Crush provides the superior performance our customers want and deserve.”


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