Data from new testing protocol drives better-performing offshore coatings

June 01, 2021

Major petroleum industry stakeholders who own, operate and maintain drilling and production facilities in the Gulf of Mexico, North Sea and other offshore environments face ongoing challenges, including:

  •          Corrosive high saltwater content of the ocean
  •          Extreme atmospheric and underwater temperatures
  •          Stresses on the coating systems that protect steel structures above, around and below the splash zone
  •          Large investments in structure maintenance and the constant need for corrosion prevention and mitigation
  •          Coatings that last only 18 to 24 months before maintenance crews must make major repairs

To help stakeholders across the upstream, midstream and downstream oil and gas industries achieve longer service lives for their assets, Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine began rethinking how to approach corrosion mitigation for these operating environments – with anaccelerated testing protocol for predicting the performance of various coating systems.

The findings are revealing some surprising results that suggest the industry should consider adopting new specification strategies. Read more about our Sherwin-Williams Offshore Testing Protocol:

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