ABS demonstrates effectiveness of Corrosion Detection™ AI solution


ABS recently performed the initial application of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered ABS Corrosion Detection™ tool with 98.9% accuracy. Corrosion is one of the biggest maintenance challenges in the maritime and offshore industries with the total cost estimated between $50 billion and $80 billion annually.

The ABS Corrosion Detection digital solution identifies corrosion and alerts operators of coating failures, fractures, and deformations on their vessel. The ABS Corrosion Detection tool examined two ABS client vessels for the presence of corrosion and their coating conditions and assessed the imagery with 98.9% accuracy. The findings are based on the AI tool's analysis of more than 600 images of a client's ballast water tanks.

Utilizing this digital solution allows operators to benchmark and monitor coating breakdown and corrosion growth over time to assist with vessel maintenance between surveys.

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