LAGCOE Technology Showcase: Delmar Systems RAR Plus in-line mooring line release

Delmar Systems RAR Plus
Delmar Systems RAR Plus

The RAR Plus is a next-generation rig anchor release technology for the offshore drilling industry. It gives DP/moored MODUs all of the station-keeping advantages of moored rigs while maintaining all of the mobility advantages of DP rigs. Thanks to drastically shorter t-times, reduced from days to hours, DP/moored rigs can now drill in waters that were previously inaccessible due to insufficient mooring strength, surviving storm or ice floe activity, or any water depth that provided DP watch circle limitations. The RAR Plus also makes it possible for DP/moored vessels to operate in areas with emission restrictions and refueling gaps because it significantly lowers fuel consumption and emissions during normal DP operations.

One of the most important features of the RAR Plus is its mechanical backup release, which ensures moorings can still be released in case of acoustic transmission failure. In addition, the release load rating has been increased to over 360 tons, allowing for disconnection at higher line tensions. A MODU can rapidly release from its moorings during a well containment emergency or weather-related situation, allowing better access for personnel evacuations or emergency response vessels. By reducing downtime and increasing efficiency, the RAR Plus makes relocating rigs easier and more cost-effective.

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