Author Guidelines

World Oil's editorial policies
Steps adopted by World Oil to increase the value of its editorial content to its readers. These practices also make it easier to read World Oil, saving time for busy readers.

Article requirements for World Oil authors
Practical suggestions on the actual writing of articles (company reports or association papers). These will not only promote greater readership, but will make it easier to write good articles. This chapter should prove especially valuable to non-professional writers.

Preparing and submitting articles
The factors that influence the selection of subjects with high reader appeal, and how extensively and closely World Oil studies this phase so its editorial contents will be of greater value to its readers.

Selecting high interest subjects
The editorial policies that must be met in the preparation of articles for publication in World Oil. These, too, are designed to promote reader confidence and improve editorial content.

To publish articles in World Oil, contact:

Kurt S. Abraham
Phone: +1 (713) 525-4601

Craig Fleming
Phone: +1 (713) 525-4642

Article abstracts should be in Houston three months prior to issue date.

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