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We hear a lot about the causes of global warming, made political by opportunists on both sides of the CO2 equation who prefer to cast it either as an urgent problem with dire consequences or as “problem, what problem?-let’s do nothing.” There’s a huge middle ground, which is where political structures usually take us; in other words, the truth lies between the extremes. But until climate change becomes a near-dead, boring issue, political operatives will ensure that opposing ideologies will rule the day-the science be damned. The “urgent problem” crowd has been offering cash prizes for solutions. The biggest is Richard Branson’s (of Virgin Airways fame) $25 million for an engineering design that removes at least 1 billion tons a year of man-made CO2 from the atmosphere for 10 years. If you think about it, that is impossible, because once it’s in the atmosphere, it’s impossible to remove only man-made CO2.

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