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What’s new in well logging and formation evaluation

Stephen Prensky, Consultant, Silver Spring, Maryland

Part 1: In this first of two installments, the latest developments in well logging and formation evaluation are assessed. General developments include ongoing efforts to improve the accuracy of the logging depth measurement and wellbore position, improving standards for well-log deliverables, and multi-log correlation. New developments in LWD, openhole wireline, and sensor design and methodology are discussed in detail.

Drilling a 6-in. lateral in underbalanced conditions while ensuring effective hole cleaning

Toni Miszewski, AnTech Ltd.

Coiled tubing (CT) drilling offers an economical alternative to conventional, jointed pipe drilling when accessing mature and low-yield fields. A 40% reduction in cost can be achieved by CT’s ability to drill continuously, mobilize faster, reduce rig time, and require fewer preparations.

Improving underbalanced drilling using air in the Marcellus shale

Chris Maranuk, Ali Rodriguez, Joe Trapasso, Josh Watson, Weatherford

A newly developed, ruggedized air-drilling system increased rig up time, reduced costs for mud and cuttings disposal, improved hole cleaning, and increased ROP.

ShaleTech: Marcellus/Utica

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Near-term uncertainties reign in low-cost play

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The last barrel

Kurt Abraham

Splinters in the windmills of Putin’s mind

Executive viewpoint

Mark Mitchell

The mainstreaming of MPD

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U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs
International Rotary Drilling Rigs

Data courtesy of Baker Hughes.

Daily Oil & Gas Prices

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Oil Production

U.S.: 9.179 MMbpd (January 2015)

Texas: 3.631 MMbpd
Louisiana: 1.424 MMbpd
North Dakota: 1.218 MMbpd

World: 92.20 MMbpd (January 2015)

OPEC: 36.85 MMbpd
OECD: 23.33 MMbpd
Non-OECD: 29.8 MMbpd
Processing Gains: 2.22 MMbpd

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The emergence of Canadian gas divestments

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of gas divestments taking place in Canada’s oil and gas sector.