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ShaleTech: Marcellus/Utica

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Near-term uncertainties reign in low-cost play

Successful lateral well placement using optimal bit design and underreamer with real-time communications

Barzin Chiniwala, Steve Radford, Baker Hughes

A new, integrated underreamer, with real-time communications, was used to underream 6,555 ft in a North Sea well with minimal ibrations. An in-gauge borehole made it easy for successful running, rotation and cementing of a 4,300-ft liner.

Prices reduce U.S. oil drilling, but gas activity remains steady

Pramod Kulkarni, Kurt Abraham, World Oil

The downward slide in crude oil prices is expected to have a proportional impact on oil-directed drilling in the United States. On the other hand, the Henry Hub gas price has remained under $4/Mcf since 2010, so gas-directed drilling is expected to remain steady during 2015.

Development and field application of highly conductive, proppant-free channel fracturing

Ubong Inyang, Philip Nguyen, Janette Cortez-Montalvo, Halliburton

Injection pressures of proppant-laden slurry and proppant-free spacer, using a pulsing approach, were found to be significantly lower than those applied with conventional hydraulic fracturing treatments.

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Executive viewpoint

Laslo Olah

Changing times, changing technology model

First oil

Pramod Kulkarni

Crude oil's fifty shades of grey

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U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs
International Rotary Drilling Rigs

Data courtesy of Baker Hughes.

Daily Oil & Gas Prices
Oil Production

U.S.: 9.179 MMbpd (January 2015)

World: 92.20 MMbpd (January 2015)

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The emergence of Canadian gas divestments

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of gas divestments taking place in Canada’s oil and gas sector.