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ShaleTech: Eagle Ford/Pearsall shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Only the core survives mounting ROR pressure

One for the record books

Kurt Abraham, Craig Fleming, World Oil

As the shock of upstream downsizing abates, in reaction to an historically low drilling year, producers and service companies focus on improving efficiencies to lower break-even costs and regain profitability.

Rotating solid expandable liner solves issues in high-angle directional wells

Roy Baker, Enventure Global Technology

The use of solid expandable liners is increasing; however, the perception remains that they are viable in limited applications. Yet, changes to the expandable connection and expansion assembly have enabled a liner to be rotated, to reduce the risk of stuck pipe when running tubulars in a directional wellbore.

100 years of informing the industry

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Since 1916, Gulf Publishing Company (GPC), and World Oil and its predecessors, have provided timely, valuable information and data on a wide range of technical and management subjects to upstream oil and gas professionals worldwide.

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Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Paved with best intentions

First oil

Kurt Abraham

Eagle Ford shale is metaphor for the industry

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