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Solid expandable technology improves refracture diversion

Jerry Fritsch, Enventure Global Technology

Solid expandable liners provide positive mechanical isolation of old perforations and enable the fracturing of new reservoir rock. These liners have robust mechanical ratings that often exceed the casing that they are being expanded into, and provide maximum ID to permit continuation of planned completion activities.

In the digital oil field, “no wires” is a no-brainer

Zach Wertenberger, WPX Energy

Wireless networks are changing the way that producers look at wellsite optimization. And in the Bakken shale, where operating conditions are among the most difficult in the world, a pilot test conducted by WPX Energy showed how wireless is increasingly becoming a preferred method.

Drilling falters while production and reserves register further increases

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Low oil prices are constricting drilling activity worldwide with a couple of exceptions. Meanwhile, production and reserve levels have gained, spurred by last year’s stout drilling effort.

How wide-azimuth, long-offset seismic reduces field development costs in the Bakken

Bill McLain, Ajay Badachhape, Global Geophysical Services

Land seismic innovations, such as the affordable acquisition of wide-azimuth, long-offset data, coupled with offset and azimuthally friendly processing, provide rich insights into the Bakken formation.

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The last barrel

Kurt Abraham

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Oil and gas in the capitals

Jacques Sapir

Russia: Time of choices

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The emergence of Canadian gas divestments

Over the last two years, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of gas divestments taking place in Canada’s oil and gas sector.