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Condition-based maintenance drives efficiency and profitability improvements

Keith Holliday, GDS International

Traditional, calendar-based equipment maintenance can be costly and hinder productivity; however, servicing equipment, based on its actual usage and real-time data, can cut costs and help avoid lost productivity.

Global oil production increases, even as drilling declines further

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Now 23 months long, the worldwide downturn in oil prices has depressed upstream activity in many regions, with one or two exceptions, yet global production has registered a healthy increase. Reserves have held steady.

Integrated datasets hold the key to unravelling petroleum prospectivity

David Spofforth, Jo Firth, CGG

The search for hydrocarbons has spanned vast areas of the globe. Despite many successes, entire basins and plays have been deemed unprospective, perhaps prematurely, based on single well results, or poor-quality seismic data.

ShaleTech: Eagle Ford/Pearsall shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Only the core survives mounting ROR pressure

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