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Digital technology provides high-density tortuosity logging to address drilling, production challenges

Kris Earl, Rob Shoup, Stephen Forrester, Chris Hartley, Gyrodata

A novel, high-density logging technology illuminates areas of high tortuosity in the wellbore to improve production equipment placement and reduce downhole damage.

UBCTD system uses Internet technologies to ensure reliable data handling

Toni Miszewski, AnTech Ltd.

Wellsite IT has evolved dramatically since the days when seeing a laptop on a wellsite was a rare occurrence. It needed to—today’s technically advanced drilling techniques use high data volumes from multiple providers, meaning reliability and security are more important than ever.

Innovative restimulation technique rejuvenates declining well production

Colby Meise, Parallel Petroleum LLC; Eivind Moen, Comitt Well Solutions

A new acid treatment system restores declining production and delivers consistent output thereafter.

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Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Wacky today, plausible tomorrow

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