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Al Gore bumped into King Hubbert at AAPG’s Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California. They left, arm in arm, content in the knowledge that oil production will peak in the next 15 to 25 years or so, even including unconventional oil such as tar sands; and so, carbon emissions will soon begin to taper off. Al was pleased with this news, so he took King to lunch at a new, upscale California Burger King, where they also sold carbon credits. Al bought a bunch of ‘em to offset his flight home, his mansion, his SUVs and, since they ate hamburgers, a few more to offset bovine flatulence. We all know that it will happen. No, I don’t mean that oil will peak sometime in the 21st Century. (Well, that too.) I mean that sometime in the 22nd or 23rd Century, some history student will ask his professor about oil and how it was used, . . .

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