Drilling fluids and waste management developments expose challenges of advancing technology ///

The development of synthetic-based drilling fluids and advancements in the beneficial re-use of drilled cuttings epitomize the challenges in overcoming operational, psychological and legislative barriers to meet the environmental and economic drivers for new technologies. As reflected in the successful introduction of synthetic-based fluids and the contrasting failure of a new wetlands reclamation technology, bringing developments to market requires breaking down seemingly insurmountable barriers. TECHNOLOGICAL DRIVERS AND BARRIERS The engineering of new drilling fluid and waste management systems illustrates how advancing technology is considered the shining star in providing direction and hope for solutions to environmental, operational and economic issues. However, in the quest to develop and implement new technology, the first questions from the end users often are “Which technology meets our needs?” and “Why change from the status quo?” People tend to become comfortable with established and proven technology.

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