Maximizing liquid sales from tank batteries ///

Many, if not most, of the practical aspects of stock tank economics are known to operators. But a brief review is never a bad thing, and if just one aspect of the construction, layout, equipping and coating of an oil/condensate storage tank battery is not carried out with planning and care, it could significantly affect the amount of liquid sold from the facility. TANK BATTERY LAYOUT When the tank battery site is laid out, make sure to align the tanks in an east-west direction, with the tank’s hatch located on the north side of the tank (south side in the Southern Hemisphere). Temperature is one of the main correction factors applied to the gross sales volume. The north side of the tank is the coolest side, since the sun doesn’t shine much on the north side of the tank, and even when it does it’s only in the summer near sunrise and sunset, depending on latitude.

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