Drilling advances ///

I have tried to stay out of the CO2 debate in this column for the last several years, but I’ve just about had a bellyful. Is there no end to the lunacy of politicians? As energy supplies become more constricted due to their interference, I suspect we will see a growing global conspiracy by governments to limit energy consumption simply by making it unavailable to certain portions of the population. One attempt that has been tried so far, and failed, is the Kyoto Protocol (or as we in West Texas would say, the “Coyote” Protocol). The Coyote Protocol essentially penalizes industrialized nations for consuming energy and forces them to pay underdeveloped nations for CO2 credits. These underdeveloped nations include China and India, who seem determined to tie up a huge portion of the available reserves for their own use. I suppose they’re storing their oil in some Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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