Barnett Shale operators refine geo-steering ///

Karsted limestone creates drilling challenges For years, operators have used various software applications to interpret survey data and logging attributes in horizontal wells, collectively creating "geo-steering." The most common practices involve using MWD gamma-ray data and other attributes to help drill horizontal wells. Some operators in the Barnett Shale trend are using this technology for frac design and planning. The more important uses are: • Conventional geo-steering • Detecting faults and other vertical discontinuities • Avoiding certain zones and risk management of borehole placement • Hydraulic fracture stimulation design and planning. A common myth in the Barnett play is that the Fort Worth basin is tectonically simple. This view is reinforced by the lack of good well and seismic control. Even where there are seismic data, the resolution is often too poor to show faults with less than 30 ft of throw.

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