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Vaca Muerta shale to double production by 2018, Wood Mac says

Production from Latin America's premier shale play, the Vaca Muerta, is expected to double by 2018, according to a new development study by Wood Mackenzie. Argentina's massive play continues to be the most prospective tight oil play outside of North America.

Petro Waste Environmental acquires landfill permit

San Antonio-based Petro Waste Environmental LP (PWE) today announced the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) has issued the company its first permit to operate a non-hazardous oil and gas waste landfill in Howard County.

OPEC menaced by U.S. shale hits Canada harder in price fight

OPEC took a swing at U.S. shale and knocked down Canada.

Accurate modeling improves early production predictions

Sudhendu “Kash” Kashikar, Hasan Shojaei, MicroSeismic, Inc.; Casey Lipp, Peregrine Petroleum

The inability of reservoir models to realistically simulate fractures compromises their accuracy. However, a new method offers operators the ability to accurately forecast well production and reservoir drainage for nearby wells.

Collaborative refracturing workflow aids predictable, repeatable recovery of bypassed reserves

Matthew Lahman, Doug Walser, Halliburton

While no two refracturing treatments are identical, results from pilot wells demonstrated that using a collaborative workflow can help to consistently and repeatedly recover bypassed reserves at a lower cost per BOE, compared to the development costs for new drills.

Boosting performance in unconventional shale plays

Darren Santeller, Vallourec USA

An enhanced P110 grade for horizontal drilling extends operational efficiencies and mitigates risk.

North Dakota’s Bakken pumps less oil for first time in decade

The shale boom in North Dakota has softened to a whisper.

Chesapeake lenders flee debt as oil rout pummels reserves value

Chesapeake Energy Corp.’s bonds have plunged to half their face value as lenders fret that tumbling energy prices are hurting their chances of getting paid on borrowings that are three times the current worth of the company’s oil and gas fields.

Encana completes sale of Haynesville natural gas assets

Encana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Encana Corp., has completed the sale of its Haynesville natural gas assets, located in northern Louisiana.

IPAA '15: Senior analyst sees improvement coming to E&P market late in 2016

With the downturn in oil and gas prices now having lasted a full year, at least one veteran observer believes the upstream industry may see the light at the end of the tunnel in late 2016.

Gas-gushing wells have stockpiles swelling to record in the U.S.

U.S. natural gas drillers facing the lowest seasonal prices in two decades are trying to cut back supplies. The only problem: They’re too good at their jobs.

OPEC challenges shale afresh as Iraq crude floods Gulf of Mexico

OPEC’s latest challenge to U.S. shale oil producers would be about two miles long, lined end to end, and weigh almost 3 million metric tons. It’s due to reach American ports this month.

Propel SSP proppant transport technology increases production 39% in six-well trial: Fairmount Santrol

Fairmount Santrol has reported a successful six-well field trial using its proprietary Propel SSP proppant transport technology. Initial 90-day oil production increased 39% compared with offset wells.

Unimin opens second unit train capable terminal at Benwood, WV

Unimin Energy Solutions has announced the grand opening of its 2nd unit train capable terminal located in Benwood, West Virginia.

Oil producers curb megaproject ambitions to focus on U.S. shale

Big U.S. oil companies are starting to think small.

Marathon Oil is first major shale producer to cut dividend

Marathon Oil Corp. became the first major shale producer to cut its quarterly dividend, reducing it by 76% in an effort to prop up cash holdings as oil prices hold below $50/bbl.

ConocoPhillips reports loss as oil crash limits shale growth

ConocoPhillips reported its widest loss in more than six years as a crash in oil and gas prices tempered growth from Texas to Canada.

Hess slashes 2016 drilling budget 27% on oil swoon

Hess Corp. plans to cut spending by about 27% next year after its oil and natural gas business lost more than $2 million a day during the third quarter.

LAGCOE ’15: Chesapeake CEO Doug Lawler outlines survival and growth strategy

LAGCOE’s keynote speaker on Tuesday, Oct. 27 was Doug Lawler, CEO of Chesapeake Energy, who spoke of returning home to Lafayette, where he got his start in the oil and gas industry at Kerr-McGee, prior to its acquisition by Anadarko.

U.S. gas set to enter global market as flood of supplies looms

Cheniere Energy Inc. plans to ship the first liquefied natural gas cargo from the U.S. in January, joining a flood of supplies that’ll allow buyers access to cargoes from all corners of the world.