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Saudi's $80 oil goal eating into Modi's budget before polls

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has an oil problem. And it’s set to worsen with Saudi Arabia rooting for the commodity to push through the $80 barrier.

The $100/bbl oil wager comes back to the options market

Some options traders are betting on $100 oil again.

Crude rises as Venezuela sanctions stoke crude supply risk concern

Crude extended its three-year high as a new wave of U.S. sanctions on Venezuela stoked concerns over its crude production and as analysts forecast further declines in American stockpiles.

Oil pares gain as IEA discusses ways to tackle Venezuela risks

Oil traded near $71/bbl, paring earlier gains, as the International Energy Agency said it’s in talks with producing nations to step in should sanctions be imposed on Venezuela, resulting in a supply shortfall.

Hedge funds keep cutting bets on oil rally as oil keeps rallying

As Brent oil prices climb, money managers are feeling less and less bullish.

Forget about oil at $80. The big rally is in forward prices

Brent crude grabbed all the attention after spot prices hit $80/bbl last week. And yet, almost unnoticed, a perhaps more important rally has occurred in the obscure world of forward prices, with some investors betting the "lower for longer" price mantra is all but over.

No end in sight for European gas rally as oil hits $80

Higher European natural gas prices are here to stay.

Crude rides best weekly winning streak since 2011

Crude is set for the longest run of weekly gains in seven years as concern over supply disruptions grows and a global glut dissipates.

Oil's rally stokes fears that demand will suffer

Oil’s rise to $80/bbl is stoking concerns that the price rally will erode demand, but OPEC’s giants so far aren’t worried.

Goldman Sachs chides hedge funds by arguing the case for oil

Money managers who are reducing their bullish bets on oil are following a “dangerous” strategy, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Crude rises to $80/bbl for first time since 2014

Oil rose to $80/bbl for the first time since 2014 as U.S. crude inventories fell and traders braced for the impact of sanctions on Iran.

U.S. oil gets cheaper versus Mideast crude after Iran sanctions

The oil price spread that will determine the type of crude bought by Asia in the wake of U.S. sanctions on Iran is currently in favor of American supply.

IEA cuts 2018 oil demand forecast as $70-crude takes a toll

The International Energy Agency cut forecasts for global oil demand growth in 2018 as the highest prices in three years put a brake on consumption.

Oil at $100/bbl won't hurt global economy as much as it did in 2011

The global economic impact of oil hitting $100/bbl won’t be as big as when that happened in 2011 thanks to changes in the U.S.

Oil rises to $79 in London on Mideast risk from Iran to Gaza

Oil climbed to a three-year high near $79/bbl in London on heightened political risks in the Middle East following unrest in Gaza and the return of sanctions against Iran.

Geopolitical fear factor leads Brent premium to widest this year

Geopolitical risks from Iran to Israel have led the global benchmark’s premium over West Texas Intermediate crude to widen, with the spread set to close at the largest since 2015.

OPEC member complains U.S. president is driving up prices

It’s not often that an OPEC producer accuses the U.S. of driving up oil prices.

Crude near $71 as geopolitical conflicts seen at bay—for now

Crude traded little changed as Middle East conflicts are not seen escalating and output from other major producers is seen making up for any lost by Iran.

Crude gains as Israel and Iran clash after Trump's sanctions move

Oil moved above $71/bbl on the risk of supply disruptions due to Middle East conflict, and the U.S. renewed sanctions on Iran.

Iran crisis changes OPEC equation as Saudis signal supply boost

The international nuclear agreement with Iran might not be the only deal U.S. President Donald Trump has unraveled.