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geoLOGIC systems acquires Well Completions & Frac Database from Canadian Discovery

geoLOGIC systems, a portfolio company of BV Investment Partners, has announced that it has purchased Canadian Discovery Ltd.’s (CDL) Well Completions & Frac Database and related products, including its Direct Data Access add-on module and the Drilling Database.

Honeywell, Dover Energy Automation to collaborate to offer asset integrity management

Honeywell and Dover Energy Automation are to collaborate as part of the Honeywell INspire program, Honeywell’s joint customer development program for its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystem, helping industrial energy customers improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of their operations.

How Big Data is reducing costs and improving performance in the upstream industry

Among the challenges that the oil and gas industry faces today, there is a bright spot of optimism in the form of Big Data

Schneider Electric, Halliburton collaborate to transform upstream decision-making

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, has announced a collaborative project with Landmark, a Halliburton business line and provider of integrated E&P software.

Emerson releases major updates to seismic reservoir modeling and simulation software

Emerson Automation Solutions has launched the latest version of its reservoir characterization and modeling software. Through a host of new features and greater workflow integration to support the Big Loop solution, Roxar RMS 10 provides improvements to the seismic to simulation workflow; new decision-support tools for improved reservoir management; and increased user performance and productivity.

WellAware, Halliburton collaborate on launch of Integrated Radio and Controller

WellAware has announced the launch of the WellAware Integrated Radio and Controller for oil and gas producers as well as a global distribution collaboration with Landmark, a Halliburton business line and a leading provider of E&P software.

Premier Oilfield Laboratories has acquired MUD Geochemical

Premier Oilfield Laboratories (POL) has acquired MUD Geochemical, a geochemical laboratory and consulting company that provides X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Analysis, and other geophysical services.

Saudi Aramco in trillion cell reservoir simulation run

The EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) TeraPOWERS Technology Team, under the leadership of Saudi Aramco fellow Ali Dogru, has achieved a major breakthrough with the industry’s first trillion cell reservoir simulation run.

Maersk Drilling to boost efficiency through Big Data

With help from digital industrial giant General Electric, data from a large amount of sophisticated sensors on a drilling rig are now being processed and analyzed online. The objective: To increase drilling productivity and reduce maintenance costs significantly.

BP and GE launch offshore digital technology designed to improve reliability

BP and GE today announced the start-up of Plant Operations Advisor (POA), a new digital solution designed to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of BP’s oil and gas production operations.

Paradigm and Task Fronterra collaborate on advanced borehole data analysis

Paradigm has announced that Task Fronterra, a leading global geoscience consultancy, has standardized its advanced borehole data analysis service offering on the Paradigm Geolog petrophysical analysis and formation evaluation solution.

Lloyd’s Register acquires RTAMO Ltd to provide data-driven solutions for reducing maintenance costs

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has acquired RTAMO Ltd, a software enabled consultancy based in Aberdeen which provides data-driven solutions designed to reduce maintenance costs for asset owners. Murray Douglas, Lloyd’s Register’s strategic project director said, “At this critical economic time of low oil prices, asset owners are seeking better ways to maximize value. RTAMO (real time adaptive maintenance optimization) enables this to be done safely and sustainably by enabling asset owners and operators to tailor their maintenance strategy and preventive maintenance plans to suit their specific commercial needs.”

DNV GL brings QRA studies into the digital age with new service

To help the oil and gas industry get more value from quantitative risk assessment (QRA) reporting, DNV GL has launched a new online quantitative risk assessment service called MyQRA.

Emerson teams up with IPRES for economic risk assessments

Emerson Automation Solutions has announced a business collaboration with IPRES (Integrated Petroleum Resource and Economic Service), an international company based in Norway that provides advanced software tools and services to the upstream oil & gas industry.

Seven Lakes launches new workflow and analytics platform

Seven Lakes Technologies, Inc., has launched Joyn workflow and analytics platform.

Clariant introduces industry’s first intelligent digital chemical management system

Clariant is aiming to deliver the efficiency benefits of the digitized world to oil and gas chemical operations with its VERITRAX intelligent chemical management system.

Using reservoir modeling data for improved investment returns

The first stage of the Big Loop solution—when applied to the Norwegian field—involved the setting up of a repeatable and automated workflow that enabled the construction of a geo-cellular model.

The oil and gas industry needs to think big with Big Data

The popularity of Big Data as a force for improving business performance has enjoyed exponential growth over the past few years.

Data is the new asset class; the new oil of the internet

Organizations are incessantly gathering information and data across every element of their supply chains from oil fields and pipelines to refineries, power stations and manufacturing.

Wireless IoT detection device alerts operators to impending leaks

Ambyint, a firm specializing in cost saving IoT technology solutions for oil and gas producers, has announced the launch of its new, pre-emptive, leak-detection device ambySense:SLD.