Halliburton launches drilling operations for Lukoil at Vostochno-Taimyrsky


HOUSTON -- Halliburton Company has announced that it launched drilling operations in the Zhuravlinaya area of the Vostochno-Taimyrsky license block for Lukoil in early April. The project involves Halliburton constructing a 5,500-m exploration well, in addition to delivering an integrated service package which includes directional drilling, drill bits, drilling fluids, well cementing and other services. The project is well underway and ahead of schedule.

"We have worked with Lukoil for months to collaborate and engineer solutions to maximize their asset value in the Vostochno-Taimyrsky block," said Graeme Taylor, V.P. of Russia for Halliburton. “We are excited to start the execution phase of this unique project and to help LUKOIL achieve success in Russia’s eastern Siberia region.”

“As one of the leading service providers in the oil and gas sector, Halliburton brings significant experience to our project,” said Vitaly Kovalev, deputy GD, Lukoil WS.

An experienced project management team with both Halliburton and LUKOIL members will supervise the project and expects to complete the well in approximately one year.

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