Gazprom Neft discovers new field in Orenburg Oblast


MOSCOW -- Gazprom Neft has discovered a new field in the Sorochinsky district of Orenburg Oblast. Reservoir engineers have estimated the new discovery, called Novosamarskoye field, has oil-in-place reserves of more than eight million tonnes. This is the first discovery in the area under investigation, which company specialists believe contains a series of smaller deposits.

The field was discovered following the drilling of an exploratory well which, in trials, delivered free-flowing oil. The decision to drill was based on interpretation of 3D seismic data, with the selection of well location and the estimation of reserves being undertaken with analytical support from Gazprom Neft Joint Scientific and Research Centre (who also provided wider drilling support), together with specialists from Gazpromneft Orenburg. A blueprint of the geology and development of the field has been developed, and a viable production strategy identified.

Gazprom Neft expects to obtain a license for oil production for the field in the first quarter of 2017. The appropriate application has already been submitted to the federal agency for subsoil use, Rosendra.

Vadim Shashel, head of geological prospecting, Gazprom Neft, commented, “The discovery of the Novosamarskoye field confirms our view regarding the presence of several fields at the Uransky license block. Increasing precision in geological prospecting together with enhanced oil recovery rates mean Gazprom Neft is able to bring smaller reserves into development on a viable basis. We plan to drill two more exploratory wells at the Novosamarskoye oilfield as part of production testing as early as 2017."

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