Geomechanics modeling for better drilling performance ///

Geomechanics modeling is very important for optimizing drilling performance by increasing ROP and minimizing NPT. It provides the basis for bit selection and drilling-parameter optimization, wellbore-stability analysis, and lost-circulation prevention and control. Because of difficulties accessing the rock formation, the modeling largely relies on data availability and quality. To narrow down the error margin, a vast amount of data may be needed for validating the modeling quality. Using a real case from a cuttings injection project, it is demonstrated what data are needed, which documents contain the data and how the raw data are processed to obtain the needed parameters for further engineering simulation. Attempts to improve drilling efficiency without integrating geomechanics will not reach the optimum. However, due to the difficulty of accessing the rock in situ, the cost to determine the rock properties is generally very high. Gaining this knowledge requires acquisition of a batch of data and processing the data for rock properties.

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