Drilling advances ///

Recently, I visited a wind power generating installation in north-central Texas where there are several hundred wind turbines turning slowly in the gentle breeze. What I saw was part of the Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center with 427 wind turbines spread over 47,000 acres of scrub oak and mesquite-covered ranch land. The facility produces about 40% of the total wind-generated power for the state of Texas. This wind farm is located near Abilene, where energy development is the norm-there are also thousands of oil and gas wells in the area. And there is a connection with oil and gas operations, which I will explain. Wind, like water in lakes, streams and rivers, cannot be severed from the surface owner. In the US, the surface and mineral estates are not necessarily owned by the same entity. In fact, in most areas, the surface has one owner and the minerals have another.

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