United Kingdom: Expandable liner hanger deployed ///

Downhole expandable technology took a big step forward in January 2007 with the first-ever expansion and setting of an expandable liner hanger in a casing-directional-drilling (CDD) well in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The operation used READ Well Services’ Hydraulic Expandable Tubular System (HETS), the only system for expanding concentric downhole tubulars using direct hydraulic pressure, Fig. 1. Developing a completely new liner-hanger design in just 14 months was a challenge in its own right, but this project also delivered a hanger-packer assembly that would withstand the rigors of 20 days in a casing-while-drilling (CWD) environment before being expanded and set with a load capability of over 200 t and a 5,000-psi, gas-tight seal tested to ISO 14310:V0. The well itself presented the operator with extreme challenges, even by the high standards of the North Sea.

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