Rig floor equipment: Drilling control system regulates backpressure ///

The Secure Drilling Micro-Flux Control System is a closed-loop system that collects and analyzes commonly available drilling data to detect well kicks or loss of circulation, and, if desired, automatically manages applied backpressure to control kicks. The required manifold and control equipment is integrated and compact, and the system works in parallel with existing rig well-control equipment. The present system employs one skid containing the chokes, choke actuators, flow meter and a data acquisition and control processor. In addition to the skid, there is a remote interface that allows the operator (driller) to view activity and interact with the system. The system can be installed on virtually any onshore, jackup or floating rig, and can be used with water-, oil- and synthetic-based muds. The system uses real-time drilling data inputs from: flow rates in and out of the wellbore; mud density in and out; standpipe pressure; surface backpressure (measured upstream from the drilling choke) and choke position.

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