New API labeling describes shale shaker screens ///

Designations are now linked directly to particle size. Shale shaker screens have become complicated during the past 40 to 50 years, Initially, they were simple square openings that were easy to describe. At that time, screens were designated by "mesh" openings. The mesh count is the number of openings per inch in directions perpendicular to each other and parallel to the screen wires, For example, a 40-mesh screen would have 40 openings per inch in one direction and 40 openings per inch in a perpendicular direction, In an effort to eliminate calling the screen a "40 by 40" screen, the common terminology resulted in calling the screen a 40-mesh. During the 1960s, the throughput volume was increased by making rectangular openings. If the mesh count was 20 openings in one direction and 40 openings in a perpendicular direction, the screen would be labeled a 20x40 mesh.

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