United Kingdom: Pipeline contingency planning can save money ///

Leak-sealing repair clamps have traditionally been ordered and supplied when the need arises, but valuable time and cost can be saved by holding one or more clamps as a contingency against pipeline accidents. Cumbria-based Furmanite’s latest self-sealing clamps are designed to accommodate variations in outside diameters and out-of-roundness. These “cross-asset” clamps have been introduced in the North Sea, and are stimulating interest in the Caspian, Far East and Gulf of Mexico. An exact fit on a high-pressure line is crucial to avoid extrusion and to maintain the seal. If the clamp is too large, the seal will be forced out under pressure, due to the void between pipe and clamp. These scaleable clamps use a system of interchangeable inserts and seals to accommodate an outside diameter variation of more than 30 mm.

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