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Baker Oil Tools developed B9 Emerald FRAQ, a fracturing fluid that combines superior performance with low toxicity and biodegradability, and is especially suited for offshore use. The product meets and exceeds current Gulf of Mexico offshore permitted waste fluid discharge regulations for “well treatment fluid” standards set by the EPA, specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, 40 CFR Part 435. With less than 29 mg/l of hexane extractable material, HEM, oil and grease content, it satisfies the EPA's definition of “oil and gas free” for well-treating fluids. The EPA regulations do not establish a discharge permit standard for toxicity for well treatment fluids, but with the B9 Emerald FRAQ fluid systems' very low toxicity (less than 3%) the fluid also meets and exceeds the 40 CFR Part 435 standards set for drilling fluids, and it biodegrades more than 60% in 28 days.

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