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Learning from experience. Sixty one station keeping incidents from 2002 are analyzed in the latest Annual DP (Dynamic Positioning) Incident Report published by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), London. Two of the incidents had been the subject of IMCA safety flashes. In one case, starting an additional thruster triggered a failure of two other online thrusters. Poor design and failure to close out failure and effects analysis modes were identified as secondary causes of the incident. Reliability of dynamically positioned vessels is at the heart of IMCA's work and embraces all facets: design, equipment, procedures, trials, training, crewing, competence and behavior, all of which contribute a heady mix to the continually growing DP industry. IMCA brings some recognized structure to it all. Work has now started on the report for 2003. All reports are reviewed with the submitting company prior to publication.

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